Lifts - Three Phase

3 Phase Lift UPS 6kVA to 20kVA

It is an honor for us to present a Three Phase Inverter which is capable of driving Lifts/elevators & other three phase machines like Air conditioning compressors, water pumps, CNC machines. These three phase inverters are designed to ensure uninterrupted power supply to various industrial houses. It also provides a healthy chance to win the hearts of various industries by its technological advancement & remarkable design.

UTL Three Phase inverter is specially designed to run three phase electrical motors by handling high inrush current of the motors. UTL’s Lift inverter proves to be a helping hand during grid absence by generating 3 phase 4 wire output supply from its backup system. UTL’s Lift inverter is embedded with isolated boost charging technology which provides constant charging voltage & current when grid is available. It also senses the grid failure & starts automatically by utilizing the energy stored in the battery back up system.

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