SMF Batteries

SMF batteries that are long lasting and durable. These batteries are small in size and basically used in UPS, emergency lights and Inverter. Some of the SWF batteries are OB 200-12, OB 28-12, OB 45-12, OB 70-12 and OB 100-12. All these batteries are eco-friendly which means these are free from heavy toxic metals such as Mercury and Cadmium. Due to absence of toxic metals these batteries can be disposed in waste and can be recycled as well.

SMF battery uses Lead calcium-tin grid to extend its life. All the batteries have leakproof construction and low use of gas makes it much safer for indoor use. These batteries can be placed in any position as being leakproof construction there is no danger of leakage or any other.

In end, offers superior range of SMF batteries with impeccable performance.

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